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THRIVE Student Activities for remote learning

Get involved in August-mas!

During the next 12 days of August leading up to August-mas Day, we encourage you to get involved in positive activities and show your family and friends that you love and support them.

You can decorate your house or bedroom, send messages to family and friends that you can’t see at the moment, and spend quality time with those you are home with every day. We encourage you to celebrate the next 12 days with the ideas below and share photos on our EMC August-mas Facebook page, or Instagram with #EMCAugustmas.

Mon 17th



1 - Musical Monday

Play music that makes you happy or brings up fun memories. Make sure to sing and dance along too!

Tues 18th



2 - Fancy Breakfast Day

Whip up something yummy for breakfast to share with a family member. Show off your skills on Facebook or Instagram with #EMCAugustmas

Wed 19th



3 - Hug a Pet Day

Show your pets some love today with lots of cuddles, a bath or a treat. Don’t forget to take a photo of you with your pet to share with our EMC community.

Thurs 20th

4 - Bake a Cake/Cookies Day

Bake a festive treat today to share with your family, or drop off in the letterbox of a friend.

Fri 21st

5 - Text a Friend Day

Send messages to your mates telling them all the things you love about them.

Sat 22nd

6 - Healthy Habits Day

Do something that is good for your body today – eat a healthy meal or do 1hour of exercise.

Sun 23rd

7 - Family Fun Day

Break out the UNO cards, board games, XBOX or cricket set and have some fun with your family.

Mon 24th

8 - Mindful Monday

Spend at least 30mins today reflecting on where you are at in a way that suits you best – you can journal, meditate, plan, talk to a friend or family member, plan ahead, or complete a mindfulness activity from the list below.

Tues 25th

9 - Hands On Fun Day

Create, build, sew, or paint something today – use your skills or try something new to produce something you can be proud of.

Wed 26th

10 - Share the Love Day

Send messages or call a loved one you can’t visit right now for a nice chat, and let them know you love and miss them.

Thurs 27th

11 - Go for your Goal Day

What is something you are working towards or want to achieve? Spend some time on your goals today, whether it is practicing an instrument, perfecting that headstand, or planning ahead for the future.

Fri 28th


Day- Wear it Purple Day - wear something purple today to celebrate diversity and help build safe and accepting environments for young people who identify as LGBTIQ or live within rainbow families.

Evening- Grab some yummy snacks and enjoy our live zoom celebrations this evening with music, performances, video messages and special guests.

Sat 29th


Today is all about you and your family enjoying each other’s company. So cook a family favourite meal to share, play a board game, watch a movie, or go for a walk – whatever it is you and your family do to have fun together.




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Guide for students for Mini Homegroup and Extended Homegroup (hint - download Smiling Minds app and use your Student Planner!)