Orientation Day

Orientation Day is on Tuesday the 11th of December.  On this day students will find out their class for 2019, meet their home group teacher whom will be able to assist with any questions they may have about secondary schooling and what to expect.


Details about the Orientation day are below:

When: 11th of December from 8:30am till 2:45pm
Where: Meet in the main courtyard, outside the auditorium at 8:30am, you will be dismissed from here at 2:45pm
Wear: Primary School Uniform
Bring: Hat, drink bottle, extra snacks and lots of enthusiasm
Lunch: A salad roll will be provided for lunch
Showbag: All students will receive an EMC bag with some stationary and a map
Activities: Will be decided on by the subschool that you are allocated to. There are lots of fun activities organised.

Year 7 Orientation Booklet - Download PDF

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