Year 10 & 11 Exams

 2018 Year 10 & 11 Exam Timetable - Download Here

All Year 10 & 11 Examinations will be held in the Senior Centre. Seating allocations will be posted on the Senior Centre windows at least 2 days prior to the Examination date.

Important Dates:

The Year 10 and 11 Examinations will be held from Wed 7th to Friday 15th Nov. Examinations will be organised for most Year 10 and Year 11 subjects.


All students are to adhere to strict Examination conditions throughout the Examination period.

These conditions are as follows:

  • Uniform policy still applies. Students not in uniform should report to the Senior School Office prior to the Examination with a note to obtain a uniform pass.
  • All students are to arrive to Examinations on time and are not allowed to leave until the Examiners permit it: Year 10/11 students may leave after 1 hour and during the last 10 mins of the scheduled exam time.
  • All students are to arrive prepared for their Examination with all appropriate material. (Pens, pencils, textas, highlighters, calculators, etc) in a clear ziplock bag.
  • There is to be no communicating with other students during the Examinations.
  • It is your responsibility to find your table number before you arrive at the Examination centre. (These will be displayed outside the Senior School at the beginning of each day and will change for each Examination).
  • No cheat sheets or other textual material may be taken in unless specifically permitted by your teacher.
  • No mobile phones or electronic devices may be taken into the Examination. (Leave them in your locker)
  • Students should direct all queries to the Examination supervisors.

Examinations Clashes:

All students need to check over their Examination timetables to make sure they do not have any clashes. The Examination timetable is on the back of this document.

If a student has a Year 12 subject or a VET during the Examination period they must attend the Yr12/VET class and organise a supplementary Exam for the clash.

Clashes occur when:

  • You have two Examinations on the same day at the same time.
  • You have a Year 12 subject scheduled at the same time as one of your Examinations (Year 11 students only).
  • You have a VET subject scheduled at the same time as your Examination.

If either of these occurs you need to notify your Sub-School Leader or Team Leader prior to C.O.B Friday 2nd Nov.  You will then be given the next available Examination time to complete that Examination. Please note that this may be directly after your Examination clash.

Opportunities to re-schedule an exam are:

  • From next week - Recess and Lunch at the senior school office

The only way you will be given the opportunity to resit if you have missed an Examination is if you provide a doctors certificate explaining you were too ill to attend. A note from a parent or guardian will not suffice.

Please also be aware that if you miss an Examination for a reason such as: ‘sleeping in’ or ‘missing a bus’ or ‘misreading the timetable’ you will not be given the opportunity to resit.

Please read the Examination Timetable carefully. Take note of when your examination starts and finishes. Some examinations are longer than others. All Examinations have a minimum of 10 minutes reading time.

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