Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Commemoration

On Thursday February 10 students, staff, parents and members of the community attended this very special event, where we consider the qualities and values of Dame Elisabeth Murdoch. We consider our own actions and contributions from the recent year, and how we can work towards a positive impact on the Langwarrin community and Australia, as Dame Elisabeth did throughout her lifetime.

This event is a wonderful opportunity to recognise the outstanding contributions of our students to the College and its community. This year we were fortunate to have Penny Fowler, Dame Elisabeth’s granddaughter attending to present this year’s recipient of the DEMC award and the Middle School Live your values THRIVE award.

2022 Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Award recipient

Raya Stinchcomb


Raya is an outstanding member of our school community at Elisabeth Murdoch College. She is consistently positive, sensible, hard-working and a great role model to other students. Raya is driven by her own goal setting and the high standards that she holds herself to when trying to achieve them.

Raya’s commitment to the EMC community, the Langwarrin community and even the Victorian community is evident through her outstanding participation, promotion and fundraising for the

iCan Challenge over many years. Each year, EMC hosts this special event to raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital. Over the past three years, Raya has worked to raise over $3,500 for the challenge.

She has participated in the event and promoted it throughout our community. This demonstrates an exceptional willingness and dedication to help others.

In 2021, Raya received the prestigious Louisa Dunkley award from the local member of parliament, Peta Murphy. Louisa Dunkley is a Victorian who fought for equality between men and women over 130 years ago, in particular, advocating for legislation to move towards equal pay. This award is presented to someone each year who displays commitment to fairness, equality and community as Louisa did. We are proud that Raya received this award in 2021 for her commitment to these principles at our college. Raya has also been a past recipient of the Principal’s award.

Not only has Raya committed herself to the iCan Challenge, but she has also taken pride in participating in a varied range of school events, including musicals, sports days and college working bees. She has regularly participated in the Salvation Army Red Shield door knocking appeals to raise money for fellow Victorians and Australians impacted by homelessness.

Raya is a role model for other students at EMC. She strives to participate and contribute to community, while still working hard to achieve academic excellence. Raya has regularly received academic achievement awards throughout her time at EMC. She has also been accepted into a RIMT university enhancement program for 2022 to study first-year university Biology as part of her VCE course. This is an outstanding achievement.

Raya is an exceptionally hard working, diligent student who has made an exceptional contribution over many years to her school and local community. At Elisabeth Murdoch College, we are extremely proud. Congratulations Raya!

2022 Live your Values Award recipient

Angelina Bobroff


Throughout her time at EMC, Angelina has strived to excel in all areas of her schooling life. Despite the challenges presented during lockdowns, Angelina persisted with her commitment to her studies and supported those around her during remote learning.

Angelina was a member of Allingas first specialist program, The Aspirant Leaders. She attended the GRIP Leadership Conference and has volunteered as an ambassador to represent the school at numerous College events, such as the Open Night and tours. When attending the Specialist Program Evening, Angelina showed courage by communicating clearly with parents, to promote the Aspirant Leaders Program.

Angelina also participated in a consultation with the Commission for Children and Young People who were seeking feedback about the new Victorian Child Safety Standards. She has also participated in the Victorian High Achievers Program.

Beyond Angelina’s leadership and academic achievements, she is described by her peers as reliable, supportive, caring, and someone who is always willing to help others. Congratulations Angelina!

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