Shape EMC 2030

At EMC we want to create an environment where students are healthy, capable and confident – and feel empowered and supported in their future aspirations. To achieve this, we are developing a 10 year Strategic Plan - Shape EMC 2030.

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This Plan will go beyond what is ‘required’ of a government education provider. It will set out what can be done to inspire and support our students to prepare and transition to fulfilling educational and employment pathways. It will be ambitious – and require a whole school community commitment – because that’s what our current and future students deserve.

To develop the Plan we are inviting input from everyone in our school community - current and future. We want to explore ways to connect our students within the local community and are seeking input from education and service providers, community organisations and local businesses. Our aim is to hear a variety of voices to identify the goals and actions that we can all contribute to, to support our students to thrive in their personal lives and our local community.

This survey asks for:

* a bit of information about you

* your thoughts about EMC at present and 

* your ideas for EMC looking towards 2030

Please take around 5-10 minutes and complete this survey by 5pm on Friday, 11 June, 2021.

This survey is being administered by Cochrane Research Solutions, a consultancy engaged to support EMC with this project. We take your privacy seriously. All responses will remain anonymous and confidential. Responses will be reported and aggregated and you will not be personally identified unless you choose for your details to be disclosed. View the EMC Privacy Policy.

Thank you for sharing your views and assisting to shape the future of EMC.

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