VET Fashion Students Donated Scrubs to Casey Hospital ED

VCE VET in Applied Fashion Design and Technology Year 11 and 12

This year has been challenging for everyone in a variety of ways. I do believe we should always consider ways that we can support our community and the people around us in a positive way. COVID’s impact on some students has meant that they have felt isolated and disconnected from their friends, school and their community.

Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions of staying 1.5 metres apart, I was unable to take measurements of the students so that they could make their own patterns for the garments they had designed and therefore could not make garments for themselves.  These students were very excited to be a part of this new project and learnt a range of new skills.

I am extremely proud of my students who worked very hard to produce what I believe to be high quality scrubs sets to support our hardworking health care professionals. The scrubs were greatly appreciated and the Fashion students were excited to hear they had such a positive impact on other people.

Dr Suzan Fox the ED Physician has donated a brand-new sewing machine as a gift to one of the Fashion students. I would like to congratulate Tahlia Woods who has developed an outstanding construction ability and love for sewing.


I am very pleased to share the email I received from the Director of the Emergency Medicine at Casey Hospital.

Dear Mrs Symons,

I am sitting at my desk in our Emergency Department, exhausted like the rest of our health-worker community after 9 months of the hardest work we have ever done. I am, however, sitting with a smile on my face as I am wearing my spectacular “peacock” set of scrubs. The nurses thought it was best that I had the “peacock” print!

Your class has performed a spectacular task! They have brightened our work-lives and brought a smile not only to all of my team, but also to our sickest patients. You can feel the difference in our mood as we battle through another nervous day of potential Covid-affected patients and today, the threat of Thunderstorm Asthma! It’s never a quiet day!

Your class should feel immensely proud of their work. The craftsmanship is excellent, the fabric choices inspired and personal messages on each tag has delighted my team and brought a tear to many eyes.

I cannot thank you enough for what you and your class have done. Simply stunning.

I recognise year 11-12 students have had a very tough time in 2020. I now know they have had an impact on this world that they may not have had in a “normal year”.

Congratulations for your work,


Assoc Prof Alastair D McR Meyer


Director of Emergency Medicine
Monash Health, Casey Hospital.
Adjunct Associate Professor,
Monash University – Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences.

Dr Suzan Fox was so impressed by the scrubs that she donated a brand new Brother sewing machine for a student who has demonstrated excellent skills.

Congratulations Tahlia Woods on your hard work this year during such a challenging time. You have produced very high quality garments. Your cow scrub set is still being admired at Casey Emergency Department.

You are meticulous in your sewing skills and I look forward to seeing how you grow in 2021 and the amazing fashion garments you will produce now that you can experiment at home on a sewing machine.

The Brother sewing machine was kindly donated by Dr Suzan Fox who received one of the set of scrubs.

Message from Dr Fox:


Dear Mrs Symons

It was a real bright spot to receive, and watch others' joy at receiving such beautiful scrubs and matching hats.

I would like to extend my thanks again to you and your students for such a lovely gift.

Wishing you all a better 2021.


Dr Suzan Fox


Congratulations to all the Fashion Design students and their hard work during this challenging year. You have had a huge impact on the health care professionals at Casey Emergency Department and put a smile on the faces of the patients too. Well done.

Mrs Symons


Klear Osman


Imogen Price     


Chloe Orr


Tahlia Woods


Kiralee Ross


Tegan Burnell


Amelia Staley


Pattarawan Khraipukhiaw


Chiara Davidson


Jaymee Sutherland


Jayda Patti


Sage Tully


Olivia Shillington


Niamh Jeffery


Jessica Gardiner


Audrey Reynolds


Journey Wright


Hannah Reynolds

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