Future 'At Home Learning' - update for students, parents and guardians

Dear students, parents and guardians,
As communicated last week, we are working on the possibility of the school closure continuing into Term 2 this year. As this situation progresses things are changing, so we are focussing right now on what we know that we can provide in a remote learning manner to provide continuity for all our students.
Students should do the following (if they have not already):

  • take all of their school books and resources home
  • set up a desk or designated learning space at home
  • organise any extra resources they do not already have
    • For example, VCE Maths students may still need to purchase a CAS calculator. These are available at the front office, however after today you will need to purchase them from stores or online.
  • download the Zoom software to their laptops and sign up for a free account that may be used if necessary in Term 2 (instructions published on Compass)

If ‘At Home Learning’ does begin:

  • Teachers will contact students on Compass and by email to instruct students to how their learning for that subject will take place.
  • Students will follow their regular 4 session per day timetable whilst at home, and teachers will be available to them at those times via email, Zoom or other online platforms.
  • Teachers will have a Lesson Plan for each session on Compass which directs students to their learning.
    • For example, if you have Further Maths Monday Session 1, you will go to that lesson on Compass and open the Lesson Plan. It will have the Learning Intention, and perhaps an invitation to a Zoom or Microsoft Teams lesson, where students will all log on with the teacher to discuss the learning.
    • The teacher will provide 10-20 minutes of instructions about the day’s task.
    • Students will then have a learning activity to complete and upload to the Compass Learning Task to demonstrate their understanding.

Home Group will also still operate on Thursdays, with the teacher inviting students to a lesson and providing a point of contact for students and parents to ensure their learning and wellbeing needs are met.
The practical components of middle school electives and some VCAL/VCE subjects are still being considered, and we are waiting on more advice from VCAA and the Department of Education as to how these activities will run. We are committed to EMC students completing a successful year of schooling and will do everything we can to ensure this happens.
For VCE students – SAC’s will resume when classes at are back at school as per the calendar. If we are ‘At Home Learning’, SAC’s will be postponed until we are back on campus at EMC. Your VCE Leader, Mrs O’Reilly, will communicate more updates as VCAA updates us.
For VCAL students - please be aware that your VET classes are cancelled this week as school holidays begins tomorrow, and in the case of school closure after the holidays, VCAL work placement will also be cancelled. It will be the responsibility of each student to contact their employer to let them know. Placement will resume when school does, and work placement attendance will not be affected. Students will also be required to communicate with their VET provider to ensure that they can continue their course online. If students or parents are struggling to communicate with external providers, please contact our careers team or mentor teachers for assistance.
We will provide more information as we have it available, so please ensure parents and students are regularly checking their Compass emails whilst on school holidays.
Dean King

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