Elisabeth Murdoch College

Student Insurance

DEECD Guidelines Student accident insurance cover
If a student is injured at school, or during a school organised activity, the student’s parent/guardian is responsible for the cost of medical treatment. This includes the cost of transport to a medical facility or to their home.

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development will compensate them for their medical and other expenses if it is liable to do so. Liability is not automatic and will usually depend upon whether the injury is caused by the negligence (carelessness or a breach of the ‘duty of care”) of a Department of Education and Early Childhood Development or school council employee or volunteer. The question of liability is determined by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s legal advisers or the courts.

Parents may wish to obtain student accident insurance cover from a commercial insurer, depending on their health insurance arrangements and any other personal considerations. Alternatively, school councils may decide at local level to take out whole of school student accident cover.

Student Health Cover is available from:
JUA Underwriting Agency Pty Ltd www.studenthealth.com.au