Elisabeth Murdoch College

Koorie Education

In 2019, the College is proud to acknowledge our 42 indigenous students and their families. To create an inclusive environment, we have consulted with our community to establish a range of initiatives including:

  • An annual indigenous flag raising ceremony in February. Three flags are raised daily - The Australian Flag, The Aboriginal Flag, The Torres Strait Islander Flag.
  • A Learning Stone where students and staff can gather for reflection and/or conversation.
  • A hand-painted totem designed and erected by a former indigenous student, Alarna Pyper.
  • A celebration of significant dates such as NAIDOC week, Close the Gap Day, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day.
  • Reconciliation Week celebrations and activities in May.
  • A tutoring program in partnership with Monash University.
  • Regular exchanges to Yarrabah in North Queensland.
  • Classroom resources for Teachers.
  • Koorie student meetings.
  • Providing students leadership and mentoring opportunities
  • Ongoing support from our local KESO’s
  • Opportunities for students to participate in Community projects.
  • Opportunity to give the Acknowledgement at School events.
  • Regularly communication regarding local activities, courses and scholarships.

koorie photo

The curriculum also explores intercultural capability in Civics to develop knowledge, skills and understandings to reflect on how cultural beliefs and practices contribute to individual, group and national identities. We aim to raise awareness and ensure learning opportunities are provided to all our students.

Your ideas and feedback are welcomed.

Key contact: Stephanie Raike, Marrung Coordinator or Judy Curson, Assistant Principal

Alternatively, you may wish to make direct contact with the Bayside Peninsula Koori Education Support Officers at

Level 2, 1 Petrie St (Cnr Beach and Petrie Sts), Frankston Vic  3199. T: (03) 8766 5673.