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Specialist program applications will be open from 8.00am Friday August 21 and will close at 4.00pm on Friday August 28.

To apply please go to the following link here: https://www.emc.vic.edu.au/elisabeth-murdoch-college-enrolments/specialist-program-applications.html




  • Headshot / cover photo
  • Two most recent school reports (1 from Grade 5 and your most recent Grade 6 report)
  • Year 5 NAPLAN results
  • A 3 minute video (no bigger than a 15MB in MP4 format) demonstrating your two preferred specialist genres. These can be from the following criteria:
    • Dance
    • Drama
    • Music

Please see the following YouTube video for an example of what to include in your video from a current Year 7 PAC student: https://youtu.be/oCymsqoO3YE


There is a fee of $50.00 (non-refundable) which will be payable online at the time of your application.

You will receive confirmation of your application once your documents have been lodged, and the payment has been made.


Online interviews will be conducted online through a Zoom link that you will be provided with when you apply. Online interviews will be held on Monday 7th September, 2020.

For information on how to set up Zoom and prepare for your 10 minute interview please watch the following YouTube video: https://youtu.be/x9m_Yw7g-YU

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Performing Arts Program YouTube
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PAC – The Performing Arts Collective

At Elisabeth Murdoch College we encourage and promote a positive attitude to life and learning. We care about providing leadership opportunities for all young people in the Langwarrin community.

Elisabeth Murdoch College offers a specialised Performing Arts Collective program in Middle School, catering for students who are passionate about performing arts, with a central focus on academic growth.

The Performing Arts Collective is a full-time, integrated academic program which allows students to develop skills in performing arts while concurrently receiving a high quality secondary education. The College has outstanding performing arts facilities and a history of excellence in performing arts.

We aspire to engage our students and teach skills for life.

Designed and led by a dedicated team of teachers, we work closely with groups of like-minded students. Personal development, collaboration, organisation, critical thinking and reflection are core components of the Performing Arts Collective program.

Growth Mind-set

Within the Performing Arts Collective program, students are exposed to ‘positive education’ and the benefits of strengthening a growth mind set. Students are able to utilise this knowledge in not only performing arts, but particularly in the classroom where they are guided in self-regulated learning. Many experiences offered specifically in the Performing Arts Collective are designed to challenge fixed mind-sets and to celebrate their success as individual learners.

The Performing Arts Collective staff recognise and celebrate student achievements at our Semester Showcase evenings. These events are an opportunity for parents/carers to share in the academic growth demonstrated by their students throughout the year, and a highlight of the PAC program calendar.



  • English
  • Maths
  • Humanities
  • Science
  • Health and PE
  • 2x Performing Arts Electives
  • LOTE (Italian or Indonesian)


  • English
  • Maths
  • Humanities
  • Science
  • 4x Performing Arts Electives
  • 4x Electives
  • *Performing Arts Elective include: Drama, Dance and Music

Performing Arts Subjects – PAC 7, 8 & 9


PAC Drama (Years 7–9) students will learn through playmaking, performance and critical reflection, and will regularly develop, rehearse, produce and perform drama works in our leading drama program. They attend a variety of drama performances and participate in workshops with industry artists.

In Drama, students will develop skills in characterisation, storytelling, improvisation, play building and script writing. Students learn to work both independently and in
an ensemble.


PAC Dance (Years 7–9) focuses on exploring a range of body actions and physical and technical skills in a range of dance styles.

Students develop their expressive capacities and topics include an introduction to safe dancing practices, dance analysis, collaborative making processes and performance.


PAC Music (Years 7–9) will give students the opportunity to develop their ability, skills and love for music through solo performances, ensemble performances, aural perception and music literature analysis and investigation. Students will be encouraged to learn through music creation, performance and reflection. Students study all genres of music including world, rock, pop, classical and jazz. Performance is an important aspect of this program and students will take part in a variety of music performances, concerts and festivals.

Instrumental Music

All Year 7 and 8 PAC students are required to undertake instrumental music lessons as part of the program. Students may choose from a variety of instruments, including keyboard, guitar, percussion, strings, wind and vocals. These lessons will occur at school with highly qualified instrumental music teachers.

VCE Pathways – Performing Arts Subjects

VCE Drama - Unit 1:

In this unit students study three or more performance styles from a range of social, historical and cultural contexts. They examine drama traditions of ritual and storytelling to devise performances that go beyond re-creation and/or representation of real life as it is lived.

This unit focuses on creating, presenting and analysing a devised solo and/or ensemble performance that includes real or imagined characters and is based on stimulus material that reflects personal, cultural and/or community experiences and stories. This unit also involves analysis of a student’s own performance work and a work by professional drama performers.

VCE Drama - Unit 2:

In this unit students study aspects of Australian identity evident in contemporary drama practice. This may also involve exploring the work of selected drama practitioners and associated performance styles. This unit focuses on the use and documentation of the processes involved in constructing a devised solo or ensemble performance. Students create, present and analyse a performance based on a person, an event, an issue, a place, an artwork, a text and/or an icon from a contemporary or historical Australian context.

In creating the performance, students use stimulus material that allows them to explore an aspect or aspects of Australian identity. They examine selected performance styles and explore the associated conventions. Students further develop their knowledge of the conventions of transformation of character, time and place, the application of symbol, and how these conventions may be manipulated to create meaning in performance and the use of dramatic elements and production areas.

VCE Music Performance - Unit 1:

Unit 1 focuses on building performance and musicianship skills. Students present performances of selected group and solo music works using one or more instruments. They study the work of other performers and explore strategies to optimise their own approach to performance. They identify technical, expressive and stylistic challenges relevant to works they are preparing for performance and practise technical work to address these challenges. They also develop skills in performing previously unseen music. Students study aural, theory and analysis concepts to develop their musicianship skills and apply this knowledge when preparing and presenting performances.

VCE Music Performance - Unit 2:

In Unit 2 students build their performance and musicianship skills. They present performances of selected group and solo music works using one or more instruments. Students study the work of other performers through listening and analysis and use specific strategies to optimise their own approach to performance. They also study strategies for developing technical and expressive performance skills. They identify technical, expressive and stylistic challenges relevant to works they are preparing for performance and practise related technical work. They develop skills in performing previously unseen music and study specific concepts to build their musicianship knowledge and skills. Students also devise an original composition or improvisation.

VET Pathways – Performing Arts Subjects

VET Music Industry Cert II

This program aims to provide students with knowledge and skill development that will enhance their employment prospects within the music industry. Topics include; implementing copyright arrangements, working effectively in the music industry, following occupational health and safety procedures and making a music demo.

VET Acting (Screen) Cert II

The general purpose of this course is to provide the skills, knowledge and attitudes for training in acting for film and television. The course has also been written to create career opportunities for peripheral creative industries. It also promotes pathways into tertiary education.

The first year focuses on an overview of the film and TV industry, governing bodies, film and TV careers and skills, types of auditions, audition preparation, script knowledge and development, skills and abilities for acting in front of a camera. Practical filming lessons alternate between theory lessons.

The course provides opportunities to visit on set locations, practical filming lessons and sessions with industry guest speakers designed to ‘meet-and-greet’ those who actively work in film and television.

VET Dance Cert II

The aims of the VET in Schools Dance programs are to:

  • Make sustained dance statements and complete dance works that show technical control and aesthetic understanding.
  • Perform a combination of technical dance activities aligned to the Australian Qualifications Framework at Level II.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in at least two dance styles selected from ballet, jazz, contemporary, social, tap, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander styles, or a nominated culturally specific style.


EMC offers a wide range of opportunities for their students. Past opportunities have included:

  • School Production
  • Semester Concert
  • Music Concerts
  • Drama Nights
  • Lunchtime Concerts
  • VCE Performance Showcase
  • VCE Drama Ensembles
  • VCE Theatre Studies Ensembles
  • Drama Victoria Festival
  • Collaboration with Frankston Youth Theatre
  • Regional Band Festival
  • Shakespeare’s Pop Up Globe
  • Sports Days

Annual Melbourne Camp

PAC students will enjoy 3 days experiencing the performing arts opportunities that Melbourne has to offer. They will participate in a variety of dance, drama and music workshops. Students will develop independence and team work skills as they practice using public transport and navigating around the CBD. This camp is a unique opportunity for students to understand what it takes to forge a career in the performing arts industry.

Highlights include working alongside professionals from The Space, Malthouse Theatre and Art House and touring the Melbourne Arts Centre. Students also attend live performances and explore the tertiary options available to performing arts students in Melbourne.


Students enrolled in the Elisabeth Murdoch College Specialist programs will be expected to pay a special program levy. This levy will assist us to subsidise the cost of incursions and excursions throughout the year. Please note that there may be some events that include a small additional cost.


Students enrolled in PAC are required to wear full EMC uniform. When students have a performance subject they wear their PAC polo and black jazz pants.
During year 7–9 Health/PE classes’ students wear the approved school PE uniform. The winter rain jacket with PAC logo is also available. These items are available from the uniform shop.

Success Stories

There have been many recent success stories of students at EMC within the
Performing Arts industry.

-  Hayley Noy
Lead Vocalist, State Schools Spectacular 2011-2014

-  Riley Spadaro
Winner of Best Supporting Actor Victorian Music Theatre Guild 2011,
TOP ACTS 2014,
W.A.A.P.A. 2015 Student,
Masters in Direction at NIDA

-  Chelsie Summers
Victorian Calisthenics State Team

-  Brooke Custerson
Orchestra, State Schools

-  Bethany Johnston
State School Specialist Roller skating 2014, 2015, 2016

-  McKenzie Thompson
Ministry of Dance 2014 & 2015,
2016 Tenacity Dance Student

-  Callum McDonald
Braveheart Program,
Aust. Shakespeare Company 2015,
Opera Australia 2016

-  Charlotte Rochfort
Australian Youth Choir 2015

-  Dani Paxton
W.A.A.P.A. 2015 Student

-  Harrison Lane

-  Liam Dodds
Paw Patrol Live, Race to the Rescue

Matthew Kelly
Runs overkill production