Elisabeth Murdoch College




Elisabeth Murdoch College has a long and proud tradition on the sporting field. Our students represent the College with pride and passion, endeavouring to achieve their best every time they particpate. At Elisabeth Murdoch College we offer our students a wide range of sporting opportunities throughout the year. The sports on offer are;

  • Term 1, cricket, baseball, softball, tennis and golf.
  • Term 2, football, soccer, netball and badminton.
  • Term 3, basketball, hockey and table tennis.

The College provides fun and entertaining whole-school carnival days in swimming, athletics and cross country, where students compete for their respective sub-schools:Allinga, Bindana, Kurunda and Myamba.

We encourage our students to strive for excellence in the sporting arena, with many outstanding results to date. Our proud tradition lives on in 2014 with excellent results in such sports as, tennis, football, volleyball, cricket, baseball, soccer, netball, swimming and cross country.  With a vast talent pool our sporting success is on the rise and holds a very exciting future.

Key contact: Jess Wade