Elisabeth Murdoch College

Hands on Learning

What is HOL?

Hands On Learning is an engagement program designed to maximise individual student potential and minimise behaviours of concern that disrupt learning. Students come out of class for one day a week and engage in 'hands on' type projects building students social skills, self esteem and most importantly, connections with HOL staff and school. The students are out of uniform however will wear HOL logo high visibility garments, work together on a variety of projects, cook and eat morning tea and lunch together, and work on individualised focus plans designed to help them modify their behavior and learn new skills for coping with school.

HOL runs from Tuesday to Friday, with 10 students per day. Each sub-school is allocated their own day, Allinga on Tuesday, Bindana on Wednesday, Kurunda on Thursday and Myamba on Friday. Ideally, each group will have 1 or 2 students from year 10 to act as potential leaders, and the remainder made up of male and female students with a mix of qualities, from middle school. HOL is a targeted intervention program and not a strategy of last resort. Each group has a balanced mix of students to help maximize the HOL students' potential.


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