Elisabeth Murdoch College


Elisabeth Murdoch College has developed a range of policies to streamline the way the college operates and to create a healthy and safe environment. These policies have been developed for common understanding and to ensure organisational smoothness. After consultation, once the official documentation has been endorsed by College Council, we publish these to the community to allow fairness, equity and safety.

Feedback on these policies is welcome. A list of some of our college polices is provided in the links below.

Learning and Teaching Policies

Camps and Excursions (under review)

Curriculum Framework

Digital Technologies

Statement of Values and School Philosophy


Finance, Facilities and Operations Policies



Communication Procedures Schedule


Parent Payment Policy

Health and Wellbeing Policies

Administration of Medication



Bullying Prevention

Child Safety Standards and Statement of Commitment

Child Safety Codes of Conduct and Behavioural Expectations

Child Safety Responding and Reporting

First Aid and Initial Response Guidelines

Health Care Needs

Mandatory Reporting

Student Wellbeing and Engagement



Student Policies


Child Safety Codes of Conduct and Behavioral Expectations

Driver Register

Koorie Education

Mobile Phones

Student Dress Code

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