Specialist Program Applications Open

Download a copy of the Specialist Program Application Form here

For more information on the specialist programs go to our home page and click learning and pathways>middle school special programs

The Collective Program booklet is available here

The Leaders In Sport booklet is available here

The Murdoch Program booklet is available here



  • All of our specialist programs applications require a portfolio as part of the process. Here are some important things to remember when constructing you portfolios:
  • Include information, achievements, certificates, awards, photos etc. that are relevant to the specialist program that you are applying for
  • References are a good addition to any portfolio but do not seek them from your current grade 6 teacher, instead consider a sport coach, dance instructor, tutor, former teacher etc
  • Include information in your portfolio that can be the starter of a conversation during your interview e.g. include an award that allows you to explain why you received it
  • Consider including other information that is not necessarily relevant to your specialist program but enhances the picture of the type of student you are, and allows for greater oppurtunities for discussion in your interview
  • Include information about your academic ability which may include reports, results etc

Please note:

LIS and Collective portfolios need to be submitted to the front office by the due date for applications Friday May 12th.

Murdoch Program portfolios do not need to be submitted to the front office, these portfolios need to be brought to the interview.

Please consider other requirements for specialist programs:

The Collective

The application process includes:

1. EMC Application form

2. Headshot (school photo)

3. Essay “Why I would like to be part of THE COLLECTIVE” (250 words max), to be completed in legible handwriting.

4. Copy of full school report (recent)

5. Reference from an external reference such as, coach, dance teacher, neighbour or family friend. This person is not your grade 6 teacher or parent.

6. Any details of competitions, productions, awards, etc the student has been a part of/received (copies only).

7. Audition booked (Booking opens mid May)

8. Audition. Two contrasting solo pieces.

Our Performing Arts staff are here to assist you and offer advice for your auditions. All items are to be presented in an A4 display folder.

The Murdoch Program

Make sure that you have registered for the edutest on Saturday May 20th, You can register here at: https://aus.edutest.com.au/D/?t=EM9L73KE


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