Voluntary Building Fund progress

I would like to thank all parents/guardians who have contributed to our voluntary building fund. These funds are used to further develop and enhance our grounds and play spaces which are enjoyed by all students.  The development of outdoor areas has also created additional teaching spaces which are regularly used during the warmer months. These developments have been well received by our students. We have included some photos of some of the developments to give you an idea of how these contributions positively impact on your children.  

Tim Harper, Principal.


 Technology Courts and Outdoor classroomOutdoor classroom



 Student space outside the Kelsall Centre



Student space outside Gym



Student space outside classrooms C7 and C8



Student space in front of canteen with Learning Stone and Totem

1learning stone

2learning stone 

3learning stone


Student space in front of Learning Stone

4learning stone


Student space and stage

5student stage 

Student space from canteen area

6canteen space


Rebound Wall (before)

Rebound Before

Rebound2 Before


Rebound Wall (after)

Rebound Court

Rebound After

Rebound2 After2

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