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News in Brief, 24th February 2017

Reaching out and giving back to the community is an integral part of the Elisabeth Murdoch College culture. We take enormous pride in students who continue to put up their hand to initiate and participate in voluntary programs across the college and wider community. Our VCAL students have a long track record of assisting with projects and programs across a range of organisations. The current year 12 VCAL classes are working on their 'Block' challenge plans which involves students to plan a number of environmental improvements across the college and build on last year’s success. The Advanced Community College Parks and Gardens program are also working very well at the Langwarrin Community Centre on a number of projects and ground maintenance.

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News In Brief, 9th February 2017

The new academic year has commenced in very positive fashion. Congratulations to all students on their
commitment and participation demonstrated so far. Our Year 7 students are once again a terrific group of
young people who have impressed all of their teachers with their skills and enthusiasm. Their willingness to
engage and interact has been noticeable and will hopefully continue throughout their careers at Elisabeth
Murdoch College.

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News In Brief, 19th December 2016

This is the last message for the year and I would like to thank the entire Elisabeth Murdoch College community for their ongoing support. It has been a highly successful year for the College both inside and outside of the classroom.
It gives me great pleasure to report our students have again achieved some outstanding VCE results. There were a significant number of outstanding individual performances with 64% of students ranking above the national average. This was reflective in the increase in study scores above 40 to 5.1% - the highest in the history of the College. The Year 12 cohort in 2016 worked very well together and with their teachers. The outstanding results are a reflection of their hard work and dedication.

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News In Brief, 24th November 2016

Term 4 is always an exciting time of year and not just because it signals the end, the Christmas break and the holidays. Last week we held awards presentation evenings for Year 7 – 11 students, recognising outstanding commitment and achievement in academic study and extra-curricular activities. Events like this are important because they allow us to take some time to recognise students in front of their peers and parents, who have demonstrated a strong commitment to doing well at school over the year. The evenings were well attended and I would like to take the chance again to congratulate all students who won awards.

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News In Brief, 10th November 2016

It is that time of year where students are given the opportunity to really shine. It is assessment and reflection time leading into Step-up. The most significant transition happens for our Year 12 students. They are a tight knit group and we will miss them. With high expectations, we trust they will transition successfully into university, further study and work. The VCE examinations are coming to a close. The students have been exemplary in their approach to the strict rules around how exams are conducted. This can be a difficult time for families as they grapple to know how to best help and support. Ms Au is to be commended on her organisation and support for these students.

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News In Brief, 27th October 2016

Congratulations to all our Year 12 students, their families and teachers, as these students come to the end of their formal school attendance. We should all be proud of contributing to their excellent learning environments over the course of their educational journey, helping guide our young adults into their chosen pathway. We trust our VCE students are carefully preparing for their final exams to ensure they get the best possible outcome. Our students now will finalise their preparations and plan for their futures by putting in every ounce of effort to reach their potential.

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News In Brief, 13th October 2016

The start to Term 4 has been exciting with final preparation being made for our VCE students. We wish them the best of luck as they finalise their assessments and get ready for the important examination period. This time can be challenging for students and their parents and there are a few tips in this editorial to support students and families to navigate this time.

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News in Brief, 1st September, 2016

We are well past the half way mark of the year and preparations are well underway for the next school year that starts at ‘Step Up’. The subject selection process is almost complete, with just a handful of Year 9, 10 and 11 students needing to finish off their selections before the process is completed. The timing is right now to prepare the mind for the hectic finish to the year which is why we have scheduled a wellbeing focus for this week. Staff are attending a number of workshops focussing on positive psychology and wellbeing strategies so that they are prepared for the run home in Term 4.

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News in Brief, 18th August, 2016

A number of key events further cemented our colleges increasing positive reputation in the wider community. Our graduate drama teacher and ex-EMC student, Mel Paxton, directed the superb ‘Suessical’ production to such a professional standard that should no doubt receive Guild nominations later this year. Congratulations and thank you to all involved.

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News in Brief, 5th August, 2016

We consistently reflect on the work we do, the feedback we receive from the community and ultimately the

success of each student. Our plan for the future, matched with a positive focus on our priorities, is reaping

rewards. We have become the local College of choice because we do what we say we do. We really like our

students. We genuinely want them to be successful. We are on the same team.

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