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Computers (BYOD)

10/08/18: Please note some information on this page is currently being updated for 2019 laptop models.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Laptop Program

The BYOD program allows students to use a device they are comfortable with and only place restrictions on minimum specifications rather than particular models and types.

The BYOD program at EMC offers families the 2 following options:

Option 1

Parents purchase a laptop from their preferred retailer or bring an existing laptop from home. The laptop will need to meet the Device Minimum Specifications list below.

Option 2

Parents purchase a laptop from a Department approved supplier. We have asked Edunet and Learning With Technologies to provide a convenient purchasing portal, with a finance option. Click on the company logos to visit their ordering portal.

edunetlogo lwtlogo2
When prompted for a password, enter EMC2018

All purchased devices from Edunet and LWT will be delivered to Elisabeth Murdoch College. Upon arrival, a member of the ICT Team will contact you and arrange pickup from the school. 

In most cases, warranty and insurance repairs on devices bought from Edunet and Learning With Technologies can be assessed and logged on your behalf by the ICT Team.

Device Minimum Specifications

Device Specifications that must be met if you intend to bring your own device:

  • Internal hard disk must have at least 120GB of storage.
  • Screen size must be above 10" and no more than 16".
  • Laptop must be able to hold charge for the entire day (we will not support charging during school).
  • Protective cover and carry case.

We highly recommend devices currently under warranty and have insurance that covers accidental damage. Laptop screens are the most commonly damaged component and are often more expensive to replace than the cost of the insurance.

PC Mac
Must have Windows 8.1 or newer installed. Must have OSX version 10.9 or above installed.
Must have Antivirus software installed and up to date, software can be provided by the college or downloaded from the eduSTAR software catalogue. Must have Antivirus software installed and up to date, software can be provided by the college or downloaded from the eduSTAR software catalogue.


There is no need to purchase any software, including Microsoft Office, for school. Laptops no longer need to be held at the ICT office to have software installed.

Software that used to be installed is now accessible via our VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solution that allows remote access to a school machine from within the school and home. This “virtual machine” contains all the software that we previously installed including some we were not licenced to, such as Adobe Photoshop.

Students will be given school credentials to an Office 365 account. This includes eMail, Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote and Powerpoint. These can be installed directly on the student laptop and 4 other machines at home.

Resource Centre Lending

Students who do not own their own computer or have one in for repair can borrow a laptop for the day from the Resource Centre. These laptops must be borrowed before 9am and returned by the end of the day.

If you have any further questions, then please do not hesitate to contact the ICT team.

Phone: (03) 9788 2650 Email: ict@emc.vic.edu.au