Elisabeth Murdoch College


The state wide transition from Primary school to Secondary school for all grade 6 students is about to begin.   

All correspondence at this stage will come from your Childs primary school starting FROM Monday 16th of April when you will receive your transition pack.  Any questions you may have regarding how to complete the given forms or the process that occurs should be directed to your primary school at this stage. 

Information regarding the transition from Grade six to Year seven from the department of education can be found on their website by following this link http://www.education.vic.gov.au/school/teachers/studentmanagement/transitions/Pages/transitions.aspx

Elisabeth Murdoch College will be running an Open night on Wednesday 14th of March , all questions you may have about the College, the programs that we run and also the facilities that the school has to offer will all be on display on this night.  We also offer tour of the College on additional dates which can be booked through our website.

out of zone process

Neighbourhood Boundary

Zone Map: http://www.emc.vic.edu.au/elisabeth-murdoch-college-enrolments/school-zone.html